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Our mission is to harness AI for the greater good and sustainability.

We are reimagining AI’s potential to supercharge sustainability. This includes critical areas like climate resilience, care, and accessibility. Through this, we are reshaping the dialogue around AI to reflect a future that is both inclusive and sustainable.


Sustainable AI

AI for the common good

What conditions must an AI system meet to serve the public good? Our research offers global insights into the design and implementation of AI initiatives in areas such as climate protection, education, or accessibility.

Project highlights

AI & climate resilience

We are delving into AI’s transformative role in fighting climate change. To do this, we’re creating an ecosystem that unites voices from the public, private sector, and academia. Our goal: to foster deep understanding and open dialogue.

Project highlights

Making AI explainable

Artificial intelligence must be explainable, interpretable, and comprehensible to all. That is why we are developing new explanatory models. Here, we work together with experts, researchers, and citizens.

Project highlights

AI systems in healthcare

Our work investigates the successful integration of AI solutions into care practice. What does responsible use of sensitive data in the public interest look like? We explore ways to protect patients’ privacy and determine who is responsible for complying with data protection regulations.

Science Communication Highlights

AI compass

Become an AI expert in this card game and find out which problems can really be solved by AI systems.

Public interest AI

Explore the interface of public interest AI projects with an interactive world map.

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