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Our goal is to enhance the well-being of everyone in today’s fast-changing digital society.

We need to reshape our digital technologies and the way we manage and control them. This will help promote inclusion, empowerment and safety for all. To achieve this, we are bringing together industry, policymaking, and society in a global discussion. Together, we want to create a better future.


Digital transformation

Towards an ethical digital society

How do we design algorithms that shape our society? We use innovative research formats like research sprints to seek groundbreaking solutions to digital ethical challenges. This fosters vital knowledge exchange among science, politics, and society.

Digital future of the workplace

Automation and artificial intelligence are changing the organisation and experience of work. How do they benefit workers and what are their risks and opportunities? We explore the responsible adoption of these digital technologies.

Solutions for sustainable digital economies

Digital platforms open up immense opportunities for lucrative entrepreneurship. Yet the precarious living conditions of workers often go unmentioned. We advocate for a socially just gig economy in the Global South.

Innovative formats of public engagement

Making sense of the future

A toolbox with six interactive exercises.

The ethics of digitalisation in the south pacific

A card game exploring what defines a smart city.

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