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Building inclusive growth through critical infrastructures.


We are committed to a resilient future built on strong technological foundations.

Our digital society needs robust and flexible digital infrastructures. They are essential for fair work, effective governance, and universal education. Our unique research and global partnerships lay the foundation for sustaining these critical frameworks.


Critical infrastructures

Collective data governance for the common good

How do public administrations, economic actors, and civil society work together effectively in the processing and use of data? We develop data governance models that protect the interests of all parties. Working together on an equal footing. That is our goal.

Future of educational technology

Educational technologies are redefining higher education teaching. We explore how they enable institutions to withstand shocks and crises. How will universities become resilient in the future with creative and digital education?

Gender equality and equity in the tech sector

We empower women* and marginalised communities in the digital industry. Through innovative knowledge transfer initiatives, we connect experts, organisations and advocates worldwide. Our goal is to drive positive culture change and contribute to a more equitable future for all.

Project highlights

Innovative formats of public engagement

Smart city laboratory

An action workshop for citizen participation to develop ideas on measures to improve the city’s air quality.

Knowledge exchange :// digitalisation

A database, an online collection of digitalisation projects spanning all sizes, sectors and approaches.

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