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What are the challenges of the newly developing digital society? Who and what regulates the internet? How does innovation emerge and which innovation prevails in the end? Digitalisation is omnipresent in every aspect of life and yet little explored.

Your donation supports research on and critical engagement with the challenges of digital transformation. The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) is an independent and pioneering organisation in this field of research and its interdisciplinary teams conduct research on this topic from various perspectives. Your contribution allows us to expand our research spectrum and create a sustainable impact that builds an objective foundation for the public discourse.

Thank you for your support, which will allow us to make a difference in the areas mentioned below. For detailed information on individual cooperation opportunities and benefits of your commitment, please contact Jennifer Wollniok.


General Sponsorship

Do you want to contribute to research on the digital society or are interested in topics such as data protection? You are welcome to donate directly to strengthen the dialogue on the effects of the digitalisation process.

institutional funding



Follow us on a great expedition. As once Alexander von Humboldt, a pioneer in interdisciplinary research and explorer of foreign worlds, HIIG now takes on a research challenge of similar size: The dynamic interaction between internet and society in the digital era. Help us explore the interplay between innovation and governance and open the black box behind bits and bytes.

As a founding member of the European Hub for Internet and Society Research, HIIG is actively committed to strengthening European Internet research and networking of European research institutes. With your donation you support the European voice in the international debate on the Internet and society.

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Research programmes

The scientific research at HIIG is currently subdivided into three interdisciplinary research programmes that deal with a broad spectrum of social issues.

  • The development of digital society: what are the relevant concepts and theoretical approaches?
  • The relationship between actors, data, and infrastructure in the digital society: what are the key factors influencing this development?
  • Dimensions of knowledge: which new patterns of research and knowledge transfer can be observed in the digital age?

Your donation supports the work of our research teams on one of the above-mentioned questions. More information about the research approach at HIIG can be found here.

Research projects

The topics of the various research projects at HIIG range from data protection and big data to freedom of speech in the web and open access 3D prints.

  • Automated cars and the ethics behind algorithms: what does the mobility of the future look like?
  • Cybersecurity: what challenges for civil security in virtual space does the EU face?
  • E-Health: where are apps, printed prostheses and personalised medicine leading us? How can digital technology  save lives in catastrophic situations?
  • How will studying and teaching change in the smartphone era?

Our interdisciplinary and international research teams are dealing with these and other questions. More detailed information about our currently 20 research projects can be found here.  

Knowledge transfer

Since its foundation, the HIIG aims to share its research insights with the general public and promotes knowledge exchange and discussion.

Through our formats, like the Digital Salon, the online journal Internet Policy Review and numerous conferences and workshops, research results and ideas find their way into the public. A donation in the field of knowledge transfer actively strengthens the dialogue between science, politics, economy and society. Please feel invited to one of our next events so you can see it for yourself and get to know us better.



They are doing research in the fields of algorithms, darknet, or civil disobedience in the web.  HIIG’s researchers bring a new and international perspective to current research questions.  

Through your sponsorship, you are supporting young scientists or enabling an internationally renowned scientist to come to HIIG for a research stay.

Doctoral Researchers

An overview of the doctoral programme can be found here.

Fellows & Visiting Researchers

HIIG is currently hosting fellows & visiting researchers from countries such as Brasil, Israel, and Greece. You can find more information here.  

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