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Support us in uplifting well-being in our digital society.


Do you want to strengthen Europe’s voice in the international debate on society and the internet? Give something back to society and contribute to scientific knowledge creation and public engagement.

In order to effectively implement solutions to societal challenges, we first need basic scientific research. We are dependent on your support in order to continue investigating and offering critical input for the digital transformation.

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With your financial support, you help to understand the dynamic interactions between the internet and society. Join us in creating a global, sustainable and democratic digital society.

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Are you interested in supporting groundbreaking Internet and society research? Join HIIG’s diverse, global team of experts who explore cutting-edge issues in the digital world, from AI and cybersecurity to smart cities and data protection. Your contribution can drive mission-critical research. Let’s connect and explore the areas that resonate with your passion.

Sustain the community

Join us in fostering a global community of inquiry. Your support ensures an inclusive haven for scholars worldwide, while also paving the way for impactful public engagement projects that connect science and society. Discover the benefits of partnering with us to make a lasting impact.

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Jennifer Wollniok

Jennifer Wollniok

Your contact for all cooperation and funding questions is Jennifer Wollniok.

We will be glad to explain what we do and how you can get involved in a detailed discussion.

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