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We are making democracy future-proof in a digital age.

Marked by challenges like hate speech and disinformation, the future of online democracy is uncertain. We are actively forging a shared understanding of the essential norms and rules that enable digital innovation to flourish. At the same time, we ensure safe and free online communication.


Democratic futures

Platforms and democracy

We need to protect democratic values and human rights in the digital space. We make policy recommendations for the establishment of independent bodies to oversee social media platforms. They represent society on issues such as discrimination or freedom of expression.

Project highlights

Platform responsibility and accountability

We investigate the impact that digital platforms have on European democracies and institutions. Our aim is to find alternative models of platform governance to combine technological innovation with social inclusion and citizen participation.

Public trust in science

Scientists are repeatedly at the centre of populist campaigns and hate speech. It can have a negative impact on their openness to communicate their knowledge publicly. We develop skills and strategies to help them protect themselves from attacks on social media.

Innovative formats of public engagement

Content moderation

A short video explaining content moderation on digital platforms.

Making sense of the digital society

A lecture series on the current transformation processes from an European perspective.

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